I plan very carefully to meet IRD deadlines for you … the main one being 31 March to file everyone’s income tax returns. That’s also the end of the tax year, and the beginning of the next tax year. This makes March particularly busy for me – having to satisfy both IRD and our clients. And I have other busy times, too – let’s call all of those crunch times.

To make sure I can meet everyone’s demands properly, here’s what you need to know: IF –

a) I’ve given you plenty of advance warning of what I need from you and by when, and
b) Crunch time rolls around and you haven’t given me what I need, then
c) That falls into the “emergencies you’ve caused” category, and this is how things

Option 1 – I’ll do your work during the Crunch Time but I won’t work evenings and
weekends, so I can’t guarantee meeting the deadline but I’ll do my best. You pay a 50%

Option 2 – To jump the line and get my guarantee to meet your deadline, I’ll work evenings and weekends and do WHATEVER IT TAKES (because #icare). You pay a 100% premium.

If I can see this situation on the horizon, I’ll warn you. Then it’s up to you to decide.