Enough’s enough – it’s time for change

If you’re still reading you must be pretty intrigued by this not-just-another-accountant-dude who seems to be breaking all the rules. So, OK then, stalker. Here’s how I got here.

In 2018 I turned 50 and Infinite Possibilities Limited turned 10. Up until then, I spent my life trying to fit in. I wanted to make everyone happy. I truly thought it was possible. I now know I was WRONG.

Because, I’m not the same. It’s ok to be different! So, I’m not going to try to modify myself to fit in. Any. More.

To try to fit in, I used to have rules. Lists of rules. Thousands of them. DOs and DO NOTs. It’s exhausting.

I now have one rule above all the rest:

Brydon has one truth for all times and places: being fully Brydon.

At home, at work, as a dad, as an accountant, as a small business generalist. (And yes, Brydon sometimes refers to himself in the third person.)

I’ve written some books about how you can better your world … and working on teaching my daughter to be an amazing human being too (actually she already is…)

Using Arthritis Against Itself

Some more GREAT books and resources coming in 2023… 

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