Emancipate yourself from mental slavery –
none but ourselves can free our mind

(That’s the great Bob Marley, not me)

Imagine a world where every small business owner could be confident their business would still be around tomorrow. That their business was paying them what they’re worth for their effort. That they were on top of their taxes and knew they weren’t doing anything the taxman wouldn’t like. And that they wouldn’t lose everything if the worst happened.

Helping small business owners LIKE YOU build a better world through better business is what I do. And I do that by sharing my experience, my unique perspective, my learning, and my brain, to challenge what you think you know, and guide you to your new possibilities.

That way, I help you get started better (and fail less), get more from your business, get and stay on the right side of IRD, and better keep what you have.

Doesn’t that all sound lovely and idyllic? Muahahahaaa.

It is. It is lovely and idyllic. I do mean it. It is possible. But – Yes, there’s a BUT.

I have a special skillset that can help you view your infinite possibilities. The BUT is that you have to let me use it. You have to let me do my thing. 

So, IF you’re willing to jump on board with me and use my skills for your better small business world, keep reading, and here’s how we’ll roll.


Building better worlds through better business


GENUINE – I practice what I preach

RESILIENT – I’m flexible and adaptable to your needs

CARING – I treat your business the same as I do my own

HONOURABLE – I keep my word and do what’s right

NO ASSUMPTIONS – I seek proper understanding before I act


START your business better

GET MORE from your business

STAY on the right side of the IRD

PROTECT what you have


CHALLENGE your status quo

REFRAME discussions around new perspectives

GUIDE you to new possibilities

How most people define our world

As humans, we define our world based on what we learn and accept from everything around us. They’re societal rules. They come from leaders, parents, schools/teachers, friends, government, and business.

That creates a box of rules. A box of YESs surrounded by walls of NOs.  And when we come up against those NOs, those walls of the box, that’s what makes us depressed, anxious, unwell. Or, if we manage to push through them, it’s SCARY. Hard. Uncomfortable.

Brydon’s world of Infinite Possibilities

For me, there is no box. There are no walls. So your walls and boxes? I can help you move them. I’ll look for ways to stretch those walls, bend them, get around them, move them to get what’s needed.

I’m 100% comfortable with paradoxes and contradictions.  I can be on both sides of the fence. At the same time. Easily. I’m a contrarian.  I don’t accept the status quo. I won’t sit in a space of this is how it’s always been done.

What does that mean for you??

Whereas other accountants and business coaches might tell you ‘this is how it has to be done,’ I know that’s bullshit.

There’s no one answer. There are many. I’ll find one that works for you. I’ll listen, help you dive into your infinite possibilities, and then work with you to make those a reality.

Together, we might make a ladder to climb over a wall. Or a spade to dig under it. Or dynamite to smash through it. See?

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