I finish what I start. I don’t really sleep well if I can’t.

To honour my commitment to help you build a better world for you and your business, I’m going to chase you so I can finish what I start. I know life can get in the way, and I can work around that if need be! I just want to make sure I finish what you want and/or I’m not doing anything you don’t need any more.

But there’s chasing you, and there’s being a stalker. Stalker is not a good look on me. So I’ll chase you 3 times (in writing – there are always text messages and phone calls in between, because #ITakeYourBusinessPersonally). If I still get no joy, YOUR WORK WILL GET PARKED and clause 15 . Emergencies cost more might kick in.

I’ll still check in on you, but not as often. I’m not your mum.