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Myth-busting business ideas – part 4

You don’t need an accounting system to tell you how much you spend because you know how much you spend.  FALSE!If that were true then we as a country wouldn’t be spending more than we earn; and business owners wouldn’t ask us something along the lines of “why if you made $40,000 profit last year,

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Myth-busting business ideas – part three

To get more cash, you just need to sell more.  TRUE and FALSE!Sometimes, selling more is like pushing the accelerator down on a car that’s hurtling towards a cliff.  The only thing you will achieve is hurting yourself more and faster.  Sometimes the problem of not having enough cash has nothing to do with your

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When did NZ decide that 90% Pure was a big enough BHAG

Just because someone thinks it might not be achievable, shouldn’t mean we don’t try The Government recently released its latest report titled “90% of rivers and lakes swimmable by 2040”.  Inside the report, the Minister for Environment and Minister for Primary Industries (The Ministers) are standing by a brown-ish waterway with big smiles, presumably proud

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