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I'm a realist.

You can’t fix problems using the same thinking that created them in the first place.
(Einstein said something like that)

Clearly, I have opinions. OK, rants.

Paying tax on time – why this is a great idea

You should already know that if you’re in business and you make a profit then you have to pay tax.  Not paying tax can see IRD chasing you for collection and your debt almost doubling every three years it’s not paid.  Despite this, not every business pays their tax. As at June 2015, New Zealand

Mythbusting business ideas – profit

Myth #3 – Cash is profit.  Profit is cash.  FALSE! Too many business owners use their bank accounts as the only measure of how well their business is going.  What you have in your bank account today, by itself, is no indication that your business is going well or not.  It is only one guide

Myth-busting business ideas about cash flow

As part of this series of articles, let’s start with mythbusting business ideas some people have that I find funny, odd, or just plain sad.  And there are a number of these.  The sad part is that some of these myths have become so well ingrained in our business culture that they’ve created habits hard

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