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I'm a realist.

You can’t fix problems using the same thinking that created them in the first place.
(Einstein said something like that)

Clearly, I have opinions. OK, rants.

Myth-busting business ideas – part three

To get more cash, you just need to sell more.  TRUE and FALSE!Sometimes, selling more is like pushing the accelerator down on a car that’s hurtling towards a cliff.  The only thing you will achieve is hurting yourself more and faster.  Sometimes the problem of not having enough cash has nothing to do with your

Start changing your world today

Stop blaming others.  Take ownership of your life and start changing your world today. I see three types of people in this world: whingers who do nothing but complain and blame everyone but themselves. whingers who complain about everything and they also have all the ideas in the universe on how to fix things –

When did NZ decide that 90% Pure was a big enough BHAG

Just because someone thinks it might not be achievable, shouldn’t mean we don’t try The Government recently released its latest report titled “90% of rivers and lakes swimmable by 2040”.  Inside the report, the Minister for Environment and Minister for Primary Industries (The Ministers) are standing by a brown-ish waterway with big smiles, presumably proud

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